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Have you seen it?

Thanksgiving Day marked the official release of the first issue of “S4TF Magazine”. This may be, in fact, our most ambitious endeavor to date!

Siva (The Diva) on the cover of the inaugural issue of S4TF Magazine

Volume 1 – Issue 1

Issue 1 features Siva (The Diva) on the cover, as well as the main story and centerfold. She has an entire 8 PAGE SPREAD out of the 22 pages that make up our debut publication.

There is information about her in this article that you simply are not going to get anywhere else! If you are a fan of “The Diva” then you definitely want to check this out!

Issue #2 will feature the gorgeous “Babygirl” on it’s cover. It is yet undecided what our main story and centerfold will be for this issue; but we promise not to disappoint!

Kirbie (Babygirl) Speights on the cover of Volume 1, Issue 2 of “S4TF Magazine”

Go ahead and check out our inaugural issue and leave us your feedback! Check it out while the magazine is still FREE (because it may not always be).

From music production to IT, I'm the "behind the scenes guy", supporting everything the ladies do in their efforts to provide the type of content and entertainment that caters to the heterosexual male.

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